My Venue

Your North East Mistress welcomes you to explore her venue!


More than 2 years ago set up my own place for session in North East (Newcastle area). You can find more photos of my North East venue My Main Website.


The venue is located outside of Newcastle, only a few minutes away from a Metro Station.


The place is a modern building, in a discreet and convenient location that has been additionally soundproofed for the ultimate comfort. Inside you will be able to relax and truly enjoy your experience.


The room is VERY spacious.

One part of the room is set up as a school room.

There is a Headmistress desk and an authentic double school desk available for your next detention or a visit to the headmistress. During your punishment detention you can expect lines to write and problems to solve while sitting on your sore bottom with more punishment to come on. When visiting the Headmistress you should expect strict and severe treatment, swift punishment with one of my trusted canes and more. Rub your bottom without permission and you will find that your palms can get as sore as your bottom.




Other part of the room is designed for more BDSM type of play.

I have a very solid and well designed spanking/whipping bench with multiple restraint points to secure you down when necessary. Wrist, ankle and tights cuffs with two straps around your torso and a lot of rope usually do their job extremely well. You won’t be going anywhere until I decide otherwise.




The bench can be used for multiple types of sessions; the kneeling stool is removable turning the bench into a form of a vaulting horse.




Or a back rest can be added to turn into a torture chair/pain throne.




A cage can be put up for confinement play. Sit tightly inside as you hear the click of a padlock firmly locking you inside. When will I let you out?




In the wall I have securely fitted hooks to restrain you in an X-shaped position either with your face or back to me. This can be used to force you into an uncomfortable position on your tiptoes while I play or punish your body or simply used to keep you hands out of the way.

Alternatively there is a pair of hooks coming from the ceiling. When secured to them I will have access to you from any side. At any point.




I have a set of well padded and heavy duty cuffs to use. No matter how much you struggle they will keep you in place.




For relaxation therapy I often use my massage table (unless you prefer to stay on the bench) allowing you to assume stress-free and comfortable position while we work to untie those muscles of yours with a well paced whipping and spanking.




I have over 50 spanking implements available, ranging from small and light paddles or floggers to heavy straps and canes to suit all tastes and preferences.




I have a selection of CBT toys; various parachutes, sounds, ball stretchers, ropes, pegs, clamps, pinwheel and weights. The toys can be used for an erotic stimulation or your genitals can be tightly bound before a good dose of corporal punishment (after all, I’m nice like that – trying to take your mind of the soreness of you bottom!)


ball-stretcher-2 clamps pin-wheel-1 sounds-1


Various butt plugs and strap-ons for humiliation play or anal training.


Selection of collars (standard, with bells, posture collars) is there for those who wish to show me what a well trained slaves they can be.


collars-4 collars-1


A limited selection of female clothes is available (stockings, underwear, suspender belt) for humiliation play or cross-dressing. It is however advisable that if you enjoy wearing or made to wear female clothes that you provide them yourself – they will no doubt match your preference and fit you better!


In my premises you will of course also find; gags and blindfolds for sensory depravation, candles safe to use for hotwax play and nipple clamps.


clamps-2 gag-1 blindfolds gags-1


New items are added on regular basis!

And after the session you will be able to sit down and recover with a cup of tea. I never finish the appointment the minute the play ends!




There are plenty of on-street parking spaces nearby.